Pronunciamento do Presidente da ABCERAM – 17.06.2018

7th International Congress on Ceramics – ICC7
OPENING CEREMONY – Foz do Iguaçu, June 17, 2018
Speech given by Dr. Antonio Carlos de Camargo – ABCERAM President

Doctor Khaterine Faber
Doctor Tatsuki Ohji
Doctors Samuel e Leonardo

Ladies and gentlemen
good evening

As presented the history of ABCERAM was built with excellent relationships with national and international institutions and companies.

ABCERAM, maintained its role of scientific technical association, always seeking to aggregate all the areas and professionals of this world called ceramics.

Through the strong personal and professional interaction of Brazilian researchers and entrepreneurs, who have always believed in the important role of ABCERAM in Brazil, we are here to hold the International Congress on Ceramics for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere.
I would like to thanks the behalf of ICF too, Ms. Katherine

Some national associations, present technical data that show Brazil as a great producer. Examples : some ceramic raw materials, tiles, cement, glass and sanitary ware. These sectors have been increasing their technological level each year due to, its intense work with universities and research institutions. This would not be possible if there were no international institutions relationship too.

And today we are here to consolidate this partnership that cannot and should not stop.

The world cup of ceramics is held every day of study, research, innovation and hard work of each of us.

We are the players and winners and the greatest champion is the world where we live.

I finish by thanking everyone for the presence.
Thank you so much.

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