Vaga para emprego na RHIMagnesita na Escócia.

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Vaga para emprego na RHI Magnesita na Escócia

Regarding the position of technical assistant:

  1. Diploma in material science / refractories or Lean principles preferred but Thesis level would be acceptable
  2. Project management experience.
  3. Active thinking & problem solver
  4. Good relationship and network building skills
  5. Be able to strive for development & improvement
  6. Customer focus & value system orientated
  7. Digitalisation knowledge and 4.0 thinking.
  8. Ability to be self-motivated with low supervision
  9. English speaker
  10. Term of Employment – Can be discussed – Ex-Pat or Permeant move to Scotland.
  11. Salary range – To Be Discussed depending on experience. (Lean manager is CIRCA £42k)
  12. Package benefits to be discussed with global mobility


Caso preencha estes requisitos favor enviar seu CV em inglês para Prof. Victor Carlos Pandolfelli:

Dead-line para envio: 31/08/2021


RHI Magnesita

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