Revista Cerâmica

Cerâmica, Volume: 67, Número: 382, Publicado: 2021

Purification of raw palygorskite: a comparative study involving different processes and dispersing agents
Souza, G. P. M. de; Silva, T. F. da; Albers, A. P. F.; Quinteiro, E.; Passador, F. R.

Ferrimagnetic to paramagnetic transition and dielectric relaxation in Ni1-xZnxFe2O4 ferrites
Jadhav, S. S.; Jadhav, S. P.; Ramshetti, R. S.; Kamble, S. R.; Patange, S. M.

Acid matrix production from treated natural vermiculite-hydrobiotite
Alexandre, N. P.; Oliveira, G. S.; Alves, C. R. F.; Silva, L. D. da

Dolomite-zirconia reaction sintered bonded coarse magnesia ceramics: effect of the bonding proportion
Booth, F.; Stabile, F. M.; Bruni, Y.; Gauna, M. R.; Rendtorff, N. M.

Organophilic clays and their application in atrazine adsorption
Silva, E. A.; Vazzoler, F. S. D’Agostini; Vazzoler, H.; Uliana, F.; Diaz, F. R. Valenzuela

Evaluation of the properties of a foamed geopolymer developed with different types of metakaolin
Lermen, R. T.; Korf, E. M.; Oliveira, L. N. de; Oliveira, R. N. de; Santos, D. D. dos; Ferreira, R.; Silva, R. A.

Influence of the physical characteristics of sand and the crushed filler content on the properties of self-leveling mortars
Scolaro, T. P.; Rocha, J. C.

Silicon carbide hollow fiber membranes developed for the textile industry wastewater treatment

Oliveira, S. S. L.; Apolônio, T. G.; Ferreira, R. S. B.; Medeiros, V. N.; Araújo, E. M.; Lira, H. L.

Evaluation of the combined addition of aluminum lactate and calcium carbonate to alumina-based castables

Consonni, L. B.; Luz, A. P. da; Pandolfelli, V. C.

Evaluation of the use of silica-alumina refractory waste as a supplementary cementitious material

Inocente, J. M.; Elyseu, F.; Jaramillo Nieves, L. J.; Cargnin, M.; Peterson, M.

Híbridos de grafeno/montmorillonita e óxido de grafeno/montmorillonita como nanomateriais funcionais: uma visão da literatura atual

Nunes, F. G.; Alves, A. P. M.; Nascimento, T. R. L.; Castellano, L. R. C.; Fonseca, M. G.

Expansibility of vermiculite (Santa Luzia, Brazil) irradiated with microwave
Silva, F. M. N.; Barros, T. R. B.; Barbosa, T. S. B.; Lima, E. G.; Barbosa, T. L. A.; Rodrigues, M. G. F.

Effect of pH level and calcination on the production of calcium phosphates by acidic route of wet precipitation
Neves, J. G.; Navarro da Rocha, D.; Lopes, C. C.; Prado da Silva, M. H.; Sinhoreti, M. A. C.; Correr-Sobrinho, L.; Fraga, M. A. A.; Correr, A. B.

Sintering mechanisms of partially stabilized zirconia (TZ3Y) with ZnO and Co3O4 as sintering additives
Marcomini, R. F.; Arantes, V. L.

Microbial activity and studies on excavated megalithic micaceous potsherds from Peninsular India

Singh, M. R.; Ganaraj, K.; Sharma, V. M.

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