Andreas Beier

Palestrante Andreas BeierAndreas Beier – EME GMBH

Sales Manager at EME for Central and South America, he graduated in engineering and, before glass market, he worked as project engineer for several projects around the world.
He joined EME in 2013 bringing his experience on projects and installation to support glass customers on  batch weighing, dosing conveying and cullet management systems.



25.10.2017  –  “Novos Desenvolvimentos para o Processo de Reciclagem


Glass cullet recycling plants are becoming more and more popular due its multiple benefits like: raw material and energy savings, increase in production, lower emissions, reduction of waste and, last but not least, increasing results of glass plants. To achieve satisfactory results in the glass recycling process, detailed planning and research is necessary to avoid contaminants (like waste, metals, stones, organics, porcelain, plastics and etc) and improve the condition of the cullet. This presentation brings examples of existing cullet treatment plants with a capacity of 9t/h and 26t/h, showing the correlation and the impact of quality of the incoming material and necessary processing steps and equipment to achieve the required quality. The process technology for cullet recycling offers multiple solutions for the cleaning, separation and sorting which are well proved in the glass recycling (manual sorting, crushers, magnets, eddy current machines ….) but also new equipment as the cleaning helix or optical sorting machines with horizontal product flow are available to help glassmakers to achieve excellent results.


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