Christoph Jatzwauk

Palestrante Christoph Jatzwauk_hornChristoph Jatzwauk  –  Horn Glass Industries AG

Chief Operating Officer at Horn Glass Industries AG in Plößberg, Germany, has more than twenty five years of experience in working for the glass industry.  In 1992 Christoph started working at HORN in the field of waste incineration. He also wrote his diploma at HORN about modeling. Since 2000 Christoph is successfully managing the company as chief operating officer. Christoph has extensive experience in the planning, designing and constructing of furnaces.



25.10.2017  –  “Projeto de fornos e equipamentos para extensão da vida útil


With this presentation I would like to display the furnace designer’s view on what possibilities and potentials there are in order to considerable influence the life of a melting furnace based on an example of a 175m² (approx.. 1884sfd) furnace for up to 700tpd (770 US tpd). HORN has implemented two end-fired furnaces in India. In the run-up to the implementation a lot of items were discussed regarding the possibilities of operating such a big furnace as end-fired furnace, of extending the life of such a furnace, of facilitating the maintenance and servicing for the staff and of generally getting a better overall view of the processes in the melting end. So, some solutions have been found and implemented for these furnaces which are, from the technical point of view, rather atypical for end-fired furnaces in the container glass sector. These solutions will be shown and explained as part of this presentation. In addition some measures will be depicted and explained which, apart from saving energy, are important for direct stabilization of the melting process and are expected to lead to reduction of flux line corrosion and corrosion in general.

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