Centro de VIDROS inova em educação à distância internacional

No próximo dia 19 deste mês, as 15:15h, o Cepid – Fapesp
CeRTEV – Center for Research, Technology and Education in Vitreous Materials – www.certev.ufscar.br – com sede na UFSCar, São Carlos, dará início a um inovador esquema de ensino e divulgação científica internacional via internet.

Trata-se de atividade inicial num programa em colaboração com o IMI- International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass http://lehigh.edu/imi/home.htm sediado na Pennsylvania State University e Lehigh University, ambas nos EUA. O IMI é financiado pela National Science Foundation, num programa é similar aos Cepids da FAPESP.

Utilizando-se do software Blackboard Collaborate = http://www.blackboard.com/Platforms/Collaborate/Overview.aspx o professor da UFSCar Edgar Dutra Zanotto – coordenador do Cepid – ministrará a primeira aula sobre vitrocerâmicos, com duração de 75 minutos, para alunos, pesquisadores de universidades e empresas, e professores de vários países cadastrados num curso sobre “glass processing”.

Uma aula teste foi realizada com sucesso na última sexta-feira. Dependendo dos resultados das duas aulas reais (os dias 19 e 24), esta iniciativa deverá ser incorporada às inúmeras ações de ensino e divulgação científica do Cepid e expandida com vários outros cursos.

Alunos e interessados em ensino e divulgação científica em geral estão cordialmente convidados a assistir a alguns minutos da primeira aula para vislumbrar como funciona essa interessante e inovadora estratégia (http://tinyurl.com/IMI-GlassClass)

Glass Processing Web Course: January 20 – April 30, 2015
Live lectures on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1:15- 2:30 PM (EST)
Participant Instructions: COURSE WEBSITE:
http://www.lehigh.edu/imi/teched/GlassProcess/GlassProcessingSpr2015.html Pre-testing for participants: You may test your login as a participant at any time between now and the actual course sessions. We strongly recommend you try out our test site to get familiar with how to log in and the features available on Blackboard Collaborate prior to the first scheduled lecture. It will NOT be possible to sort out any connection problems during the live screening of the lecture. We are reserving two special, assisted log on sessions. During the special sessions below we will have some content posted and will monitor the sessions to address any individual problems or questions.

Monitored Testing Sessions:
Friday, Jan. 16, 2015: 10 AM – 4 PM (EST-USA) and
Monday, Jan. 19: noon-5PM (EST)
Quick Reference: How to access Blackboard Collaborate
1. Open the link below in your browser http://tinyurl.com/IMI-GlassClass
2. A Blackboard Collaborate window will appear which requests you to enter your name. Please write LAST NAME and AFFILIATION (eg. Smith – Lehigh Uni.) 3. Click the “log in” box. 4. This log in will initiate an automatic download of Java and Blackboard Collaborate (Depending on your security settings you may have to “Allow” this to run).

You may also be asked to Select the connection speed (LAN, Cable, etc)

A NEW Collaborative Online Course on Glass Processing – Spring Semester 2015
The course will be taught as a collaborative effort of about 18 experts from glass companies and universities across the globe.

There is no particular textbook for the course. Each instructor will assign his/her reading material, assignments, etc., which will be posted on the course website.

Dates and Time
This is a 14-week course to be offered in Spring 2015 with two 75-minute lectures per week.
Start date: January 20, 2015
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:15pm – 2:30pm EST

Glass and glass-ceramics are widely used in consumer goods as well as advanced high-tech devices. Therefore, one must first make the glass and then make desired items out of glass in suitable size and shape at an acceptable cost. A wide range of glass processing steps have been developed over the period, while research continues for finding new ways of making complex products. There is a lack of resources where one can learn about this very important topic of materials science and engineering in a comprehensive manner. To fill the void, this course intends to give an overview of glass processing methods as practiced today or have promise for the near future.

The students are expected to have an undergraduate level understanding of broad materials science and engineering, and an introductory level knowledge of glass (such as in introductory texts like “Intro to Glass Science and Technology” by J. E. Shelby, or “Fundamentals of Inorganic Glasses” by Arun Varshneya). The instructors plan to provide background reading material in advance of the lectures to help the students make up for any deficiencies.

Planned Topics
1.    Common compositions, Melting
2.    Forming
– Flat/float
– Shaped (blown, pressed)
– Fusion draw
3.    Annealing, tempering
4.    Cutting
5.    Surface treatments
6.    Coatings
7.    Finishing (grinding and polishing)
8.    Fiberglass
9.    Glass ceramics – E.D. Zanotto
10. Silica glass processing
11. Optical waveguides
12. Enamels and glazes, Sealing
13. Specialty glasses
– Non-oxide/Chalcogenide glasses
– Porous glass
14.    Advanced fabrication: Sol/Gel, etc.
15.    Ion exchange strengthening

You can register as follows:
1) online by clicking here or
2) download and print a registration form (.pdf) or (.doc). You can either e-mail the form to dlh3@lehigh.edu, fax it to 610-758-6191, or mail it to the attention of
Regardless of method, you will receive a confirmation of your registration within 3 business days of receipt along with further information about the course content and log-in instructions.

Course Schedule
Schedule for specific topics are listed on the official course website, which is provided upon registration.

Contact Information
For general questions regarding the course, please contact IMI-NFG office at: Deanne Hoenscheid, Coordinator, IMI-NFG Email:imi@lehigh.edu
Phone: 1-610-758-1112

For technical questions, please contact: Bill Heffner, Associate Director, IMI-NFG Himanshu Jain, Director, IMI-NFG

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