UNITECR is when the world of refractories meets; call for papers deadline looms

UNITECR is when the world of refractories meets; call for papers deadline looms
Every two years, the refractories R&D world comes together in a grand meeting called UNITECR, which stands for the Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories. UNITECR describes itself as the “biennial international conference that contributes to the progress and exchange of industrial knowledge and technologies concerning refractories.”

For anyone involved in materials development, engineering or production of refractories, UNITECR is a don’t-miss event. Besides academics, people from a wide range of industries—think petrochemicals, glass, cement, mineral processing and metalmaking—get a chance for cross fertilization, networking and sharing of cutting edge R&D.

The next UNITECR meeting will be held in Canada and doesn’t occur for still another year (Sept. 10-13, 2013, in Victoria, British Columbus), but the deadline for the Call For Papers abstracts is Oct. 15, 2012.

Organizers are looking for papers on the following topics:
• Advanced Testing of Refractories
• Advanced Installation Techniques & Equipment
• Monolithic Refractories
• Iron & Steel Making Refractories
• Raw Materials Developments & Global Raw Material Issues
• Refractories for Glass
• Cement & Lime Refractories
• Modelling and Simulation of Refractories
• Petrochemical
• Refractories for Waste to Energy Processing & Power
• Energy Savings through Refractory Design
• Nonoxide Refractory Systems
• Refractories for Chemical Processes
• Developments in Basic Refractories
• Global Education in Refractories
• Refractories for Nonferrous Metallurgy
• Safety, Environmental Issues & Recycling Solutions for Refractories.
Organizers are aiming only for around 200 presentations, so if you work in the refractories field and have any interest in presenting, act quickly. From the submitted abstracts, the UNITECR’13 Technical Program Committee will make its final selection based on technical content, as well as the date and order in which abstracts are received.
Applicants will be notified if they are selected by Dec. 21, 2012. [More]

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