This notice may be of interest to your very best post-graduate students.

We will be organizing the First School of Advanced Studies on Materials Science and Engineering (SanCAS-MSE) in March next year (25/03 to 31/03, 2012) .

Please note that:
(a) The organizing committee will select 50 excellent post-graduate students from Brazilian universities and 50 foreign students to participate in this innovative school.

(b) Brazilian funding agency FAPESP will cover the travel and living expenses of all selected students.

(c) The selection criteria are: transcripts of undergraduate and graduate studies, impeccable CV (scholarships, participation in conferences, awards, etc.) and good knowledge of English and a letter of recommendation

School Organizers
Profs. Edgar D. Zanotto, Elias Hage Jr., Walter J. Botta

PhD Students- Please pre-register at:

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