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The Brazilian Ceramics Congress is the oldest and the most important one in Brazil in the area of ceramics and is one of the largest at the international level. Since 1954, the Brazilian Ceramic Association has held 59 congresses, and the 7º was held in the cities Recife and Salvador. In 1965, instead of the Brazilian Congress, the 1º South American Congress was held. In 1991 in conjunction with the 35º BCC, the IIIºIbero-American Ceramic, Glass and Refractory Congress was held;in 2012 in conjunction with the 56ºBCC, the 1º Latin-American Ceramic Congress and the IXº Brazilian Symposium on Glass and Related Materials was held; in 2013 in conjunction with the 57º BCC, the 5ºIbero-American Ceramic Congress was held.

BCA being a national entity, it has sought to act in different regions of the country.Thus the Congress has been itinerant, and has already been held in: Bahia (3), Espirito Santo (1), Minas Gerais (6), Paraiba (1), Parana (7), Pernambuco (3), Rio de Janeiro (6), Rio Grande do Norte (2), Rio Grande do Sul (2), santa Catarina (9), São Paulo (18), Sergipe (1) an in the Federal District.

The Brazilian Ceramic Congress has as its objective to promote interaction of the different sectors involved in the ceramic area (Companies, Technical Schools, Universities, Research Institutes and Suppliers of Raw Materials, Equipment and Consumables) and contribute towards development of ceramics in Brazil. Thus it plays a wide role where topics of interest to the different segments in ceramics (Red ceramics, Coating Materials, Refractories, White Ceramics, Technical Ceramics and New Materials) and common issues such as Energy, Environment, Mineral Resources, Innovation, Technology, Quality, Human Resources and others are discussed. During the three days of the Congress, technical-scientific papers are presented, both orally and in the form of posters, lectures are given by nationally and internationally known specialists, panel discussions on topics of interest in the ceramic industry, short-courses as well as workshops are held.


To see the list of congresses held, click here.

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