Journals – General Information

Journals – General Information

The Brazilian Ceramic Association publishes the journals ‘Industrial Ceramics’, ‘Ceramics’ and ‘Materials Research’, the last in partnership with other entities. The last two journals are registered with ‘Scielo’ and have ISSN identification.

About Scielo

The Scientific Electronic Library Online - SciELO is an electronic library which has a select collection of Brazilian Scientific Journals.

SciELO is the result of a research project of FAPESP – São Paulo Research Foundation in partnership with BIREME – The Latin American and CaribbeanCenter for Information on Health Sciences.Since 2002, this Project has the support of CNPq, National Council of Technological and Scientific Development. The Project’s objective is the development of a common methodology for the preparation, storage, dissemination and availability of scientific output in electronic form. As the activities of the project progress, new journals are being added to the library’s collection.

About ISSN

ISSN – International Standard Serial Number is an internationally accepted identifier of the title of a serial publication, making it unique and definitive. Its use is defined by the international technical norm of the International Standards Organization ISO 3297.

ISSN is executed by an international network, and in Brazil, The Brazilian Institute for Information in Science and Technology – IBICT, acts as the National Center of this network. ISSN identifies the title of a Serial publication in circulation as well as future (pre-publication) and extinct publications, in any language or mode (print, online, CD-ROM etc).

The ISSN consists of 8 digits, including the verification digit, and is shown in two groups of four digits each linked by a hyphen, and always precededby a space and the symbol ISSN.

Example: ISSN 1018-4783.

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